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Join the Quest

Instructions: Complete as many tasks as possible in the month of September. For each completed task, record proof (like a photo) or have a witness (another golfer, a ranger, etc.) vouch for you – bonus points if you post your photo on social media and tag us! Golfers who complete 5 or more tasks will be entered into a raffle to win a $100 Twin Lakes Merchandise Gift Card! Additionally, for those who do not win the raffle, a small reward will be given as an appreciation for your participation.

To participate in this September Scavenger Hunt, book your tee time and snag a checklist at the pro shop counter when you check in for your round. You may also download a copy of the checklist here.

Once completed, make sure to hand in your scavenger hunt checklist at the pro shop counter. Golfers who check off 5 of more tasks and challenges can collect their treasure and are automatically entered into the giveaway for $100 Twin Lakes Merchandise Gift Card.

Tasks & Challenges

  Signature Selfie: Take a selfie on the most scenic hole at Twin Lakes.
  Eagle Eye: Score an eagle on any hole.
  Fairway Fan: Hit the fairway with your drive on 5 consecutive holes.
  Birdie Brigade: Collect three birdies in one round.
  Twin Triumph: Play two rounds in one day.

 Green Master: Two-putt or better on all 18 greens in one round.

  Monthly Marathon: Play 5 or 6 rounds within the month.
  Sand Savior: Successfully get out of a bunker and onto the green in one shot.
  Water Warrior: Play a round without losing a single ball in a water hazard.
  Historical Hunt: Find and take a photo at the oldest tree or landmark on the course.
  Twin Lakes Trivia: Answer three trivia questions about the history of Twin Lakes (view checklist for trivia questions)
 Putting Pro: Sink a putt from more than 20 feet.
  Friendly Foray: Introduce yourself and take a selfie with a golfer you’ve never met before. Remember to respect others’ privacy and always ask for permission.
  Par Parade: Score par or better on three consecutive holes.
  Sunrise or Sunset Swing: Play a round either as the first tee time of the day or the last and capture the beauty of Twin Lakes in the unique lighting.
Swing, Snap, & Score!

How To Play


Complete The Tasks

Try to complete as many challenges as possible. Golfers with five or more tasks completed will win a small prize and be automatically entered in a raffle to win $100 Twin Lakes Merchandise Gift Card.

Snap Some Selfies

For each completed task, snag a selfie or picture of the requested task. Bonus points if you share your picture on social media and tag us @TheClubAtTwinLakes!

Collect Your Treasure

Hand in your completed checklist at the pro shop counter to collect your treasure! Each checklist with 5 or more completed tasks will be automatically entered for a chance to win $100 Twin Lakes merchandise gift card.


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