Whether you like Bourbon or Rye, and take it neat, or in a cocktail, there’s a Wild Turkey with your name on it here at the Wild Turkey Grill. The flavor that you will find at the Wild Turkey Grill is Simple, Sweet, Bold, and smooth. Featuring a Modern American cuisine to please all tastebuds. Make sure to try the family favorite, Grandma Jaindl Paprikosh or pair the Wild Turkey Brisket Burger with a Boulevardier. Cheers to a day well spent.

About Our Executive Chef

For the past twenty years, Chef Noel Wheatle has been cultivating and creating delicious dishes.
Born on the Island of Jamaica, raised in New York City, classically French trained at the Culinary Institute
of West Palm Beach, and produced work in multiple cuisines throughout the East coast. Every meal Chef
Noel creates reflects his experience and passion to his craft.