Welcome to the Wild Turkey Grill, a hidden gem nestled within The Club at Twin Lakes. Located in the heart of natural beauty, this exceptional eatery offers a captivating dining experience. Whether you’re seeking a casual meal or a special occasion, our diverse menu is sure to delight every palate. From succulent wild turkey dishes to a wide range of culinary options, we cater to all tastes. With a cozy and inviting ambiance, the Wild Turkey Grill provides the perfect setting to enjoy a memorable meal with family and friends. Explore our enticing menu and reserve your table today. Prepare to savor the flavors and embrace the warmth of hospitality at the Wild Turkey Grill, a culinary destination you won’t want to miss.

About Our Executive Chef

For the past twenty years, Chef Noel Wheatle has been cultivating and creating delicious dishes.
Born on the Island of Jamaica, raised in New York City, classically French trained at the Culinary Institute
of West Palm Beach, and produced work in multiple cuisines throughout the East coast. Every meal Chef
Noel creates reflects his experience and passion to his craft.