Weather Policy


In the event of lighting within the immediate area of the golf course, golfers are advised to cease play. They should go to the nearest lightning-protected shelter, or clubhouse building until the lightning has moved away. They may then return to their place on the golf course to complete their round once advised by the golf course staff. If green fee-paying golfers decide to abandon their round, rather than wait for the lightning to cease, rain checks will be distributed. Golfers will be advised of any lightning that is evident or imminent which would result in course closure, it is their decision whether or not to play. If they miss their tee-time as a result of the time lapsed suspension, reasonable endeavors will be made to reschedule depending on availability.


If during prolonged exposure, the casual water is so severe on the greens that it prohibits full relief or makes holing out impossible, the course will be temporarily closed and play suspended. Golfers on the course should take temporary relief from the weather conditions. When it is possible for play to restart, golfers should resume their game and place on the course. If golfers decide to abandon their round, rather than wait for the rain to cease, rain checks will be distributed. If golfers decide to not play due to heavy rain, they will not be charged.


When frost conditions are evident and local winter rules are not in operation a suspension to play will ensue to such time as the temperature is deemed to have reached a level that general play will not result in the damaging to any grasses on the course. The opening of the course will be based on the superintendent and golf course staff.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Pro-Shop at 610-395-3369 or by email at